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Refine Rx

A potent, skin-refinishing complex that helps diminish fine lines and improve the skin’s texture, color, firmness and smoothness to reveal vibrant and radiant skin. Contains a unique combination of L-lactic acid, amino acids and AGP Complex.


• Helps problem skin
• Antioxidant
• Mattifying
• Purifying
• Less irritation/redness than with other retinoids
• Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines/signs of aging
• Improves skin texture and color
• Increases cellular turnover

Skin Type:

• Problem skin/Blemished skin/Red skin
• Hyperpigmentation/Melasma
• Sun damaged/Stressed skin (face and body)
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Enlarged pores/Clogged pores
• Pre peel/Laser/Surgical/LED/Fraxel


Home Care: Apply sparingly to clean skin at night. Begin regimen by using every other night (sensitive skin every third night), gradually building to every night. Minimize
use if any redness or irritation occurs, and then begin again after redness or irritation has diminished. May experience mild peeling. Caution: Do not apply to eyelids.
Clinic Care: May use as an exfoliating treatment. See also pre-peel protocol. Contraindication: Do not use on pregnant or lactating patients without prior physician approval.

Key Ingredients:

• AGP Complex – Chemically corrected Vitamin A complex. Regulates keratinization, prevents dryness, and helps protect against infection.
• Cassia Betaglycan – From cassia bark, boosts immunity and is calming.
• L-Sodium Lactate – From yogurt, lactic acid salt naturally occurrs on the skin and is moisturizing and moisture binding.
• L-Proline – Left-handed amino acid improves the strength of the cell envelope while keeping it elastic.
• L-Sodium PCA – From molasses, a left-handed, high performance humectant, a component of natural moisture factor (NMF).
• L-Sodium Hyaluronate – Left-handed sodium salt of hyaluronic acid capable of binding 1,000 times its own weight in water.
• L-Lactic Acid – Chirally corrected lactic acid from yogurt, softens protein and stimulates cell turnover.
• D-Glucuronic – Basic building block of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, a precursor to Vitamin C for moisture.


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