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Revitalizing Mask

An at-home revitalizing fruit enzyme mask. Formulated with active Papaya
enzymes that gently and naturally exfoliate the skin. Enhanced with Green
tea, Vitamin E, and honey keeping the skin soft and hydrated.
The revitalizing mask is a luxurious green 
colour due to the Chlorophyllin-copper
complex and the geranium and orange oils used to energize and
clear problem skin, giving this mask a luxurious fragrance while leaving the
skin soft with a calm healthy glow.

Key Benefits
• Gentle botanical Enzymatic and AHA exfoliation
• Brightening to dull complexions
• Superior antioxidant support
• Hydrating

Suitable for:
• All skin types
• Dull skin
• Photoaged skin
• Pigmentation concerns
• Sensitive skin *(not suitable for barrier impaired skin)

Key Ingredients
• Papaya Fruit – contains the fruit enzyme papain, which is used widely for
its gentle exfoliation properties
• Lemon fruit, sugar cane, orange fruit and apple fruit extracts are the
source of naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) that are known
to break down desmosomes to allow for easier exfoliation
• Green Tea Extract – is a powerful antioxidant containing beneficial
vitamins minerals and oils. One of the most important components is the
Polyphenols, like EGCG, which are thought to be responsible for most of
the antioxidant properties in Green tea
• Honey - Is a natural humectant
• Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex is an anti-oxidant with purifying and
natural colorant properties
• Geranium and Orange oils are energizing and assist with the clearing of
problem skin. Also provide a luxurious natural fragrance.

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