Updated: 09 August 2017

Recent developments in the Australian compliance space will affect the industry as a whole.

The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS), a statutory scheme within the Australian Government’s Department of Health, has recently upregulated the mandatory standard for ingredient labelling.

We advise all suppliers – including manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers – to comply with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

What does this mean for you?                                                 

  • Every single ingredient – even if present in the smallest of micro percentages – must be listed on the product label or ingredient disclosure.
  • Secondary ingredients that were not previously listed, may now appear on the label. For example, Propylene Glycol is a secondary ingredient, and is often used as part of the process required to distil extracts. Please note: All secondary ingredients are present at less than 1% of total formulation.
  • You may receive questions from customers. Please reassure them that absolutely no changes have been made to the products.
  • Please direct customers to the NICNAS website if they are interested to learn more.
  • AST may label over the ingredients lists on imported products’ packaging if required.

While we implement these changes at a business level, we encourage you to check for, and remove or update all outdated information on your website or other online platforms (for example, Social Media pages).

To ensure continuity of brand messaging, compliance with brand guidelines, and a united front with all our retailers, we request that all information pertaining to AST brands are updated accordingly. We want to make sure that all our marketing complies with Australian and New Zealand guidelines.

In the interests of product assurance, AST will be bringing more of the Aspect™, Aspect™ Dr and Aspect™ GOLD manufacturing back to Australia. We have sourced some new manufacturers who can produce our products in accordance with our formulations, and to regulations.

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